2019 - Three BKVC players in the U19 National Team

BKVC- Feb 03, 2020


BKVC met with the players chosen to be part of the initial selection of the Malta U19 national team, in preparation for the European Championship in Luxemburg. Klyona Fenech and Kelsey Vassallo part of the female senior team and Joline Barbara from the under 16 team form part of the first selection of players led by Mr Nikola Muncan together with his technical staff.

Reactions by our players:

U19 - Players.jpg From the left: Joeline Barbara, Klyona Fenech and Kelsey Vassallo

Volleyball is my passion. Knowing I’m training in the trials and there's a chance to be libero for the National team makes me love volleyball more. Not everyone can be picked to be part of the team but training with the national team will give me more experience and different opportunities to succeed in this sport. Being chosen for the trails made me believe more in myself and whatever happens from now on will teach me more about volleyball and about other things in life. That moment when the coach told me to go and train, I felt both confused and excited about training because I couldn’t believe my coach when he came to tell me. What's going to happen from now on and whos going to be picked, no one knows, that's why I need to work hard and train hard to get what I want.” – Klyona Fenech

Receiving the news that I was one of the players selected for trials with the chance of being one of the setters of the national team filled me with excitement and I was thrilled that my coaches are giving me a chance to be a part of this amazing opportunity that will surely help me grow, not only improving my volleyball skills but also preparing me mentally to face new challenges and set higher targets in the sport I love the most. Being given this opportunity of representing my country motivates me to commit more and keep my mindset on the training and the challenges I will be facing. Whatever happens, I will cherish this experience and continue to work harder to get better; no longer being just a player but growing into an athlete.” – Joeline Barbara

When I was told that I would be part of this amazing experience first I was shocked because I didn't think I would be chosen for my skills since I haven't been training long but at the same time I was excited cause its a very nice experience and I would get to meet lots of new people and at the same time I would improve my skills. This is the perfect opportunity for me to grow as a person to be more responsible and as an athlete as a middle blocker to increase in certain skills that I lack from. Even though I may not be chosen to play in the nationals even just being part of the trials, it is an honour to play for my country.” – Kelsey Vassallo

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