2019 - Meet Seniors Player Kristina Pisani

BKVC- Nov 17, 2019


Kristina was born in Birkirkara in November 1998 and has one siblings. She is not married and has no kids. Kristina is a University student.

Kristina sat with BKVC for a chat and what it had to say.

Tell us something about your family, any siblings?
I have one sister and have twelve aunties and uncles. With so many aunties and uncles come a lot of cousins.

When did you start playing volleyball and with which team?
After school secondary sessions, then joined BKVC 2016.

Name 2-3 beautiful experiences that you had in volleyball.
Slam Tilt Volleyball - Summer 2019. Volleyball Tournament - Paola Organized event - Summer 2019

Name an unpleasant experience that you encountered in volleyball?
Lack of motivation for training.

Name one thing that you like about yourself.

Name one thing that you don’t like about yourself.
My height.

If you describe had to describe yourself in one word, what will it be?

You are playing / training with Birkirkara Volleyball club, why did you choose BKVC?
Training location is nearby. Family atmosphere. Majority are Maltese players.

What are your expectations for this season (2019-2020)?
BKVC to do well this season eventhough the team has mixed up a bit.

Would you like to pass an appeal to our BKVC followers and supporters?
BKVC is a place where you come to train hard, meet new people as well as have a laugh. Perfect training session.

Would like to pass a message to the young generation (other teenagers like yourself)?
XDo not miss training sessions, they are a priority and contribute to you getting better.

Thank you Kristina for your inteview and Happy Birthday

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